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a day full of dance and cultures
Tony and Ilana have the special gift of excellent teaching. They take a creative approach to tango, and combine musicality with a superb analysis and breakdown of the individual movements. Their classes are fun, informative, well thought out and presented. Tony and Ilana teach a regular curriculum of tango classes in the Seattle area. Their lessons have grown increasingly popular since their first weekly classes in 1996. They are now leading one of the major tango schools in Seattle and offer special workshops around cities in the west coast. Their workshops have been featured in the Northwest Folklife Festival, Portland Tango Festival, and Palm Springs Tango Fesitival, as well as many tango communities in the west coast from Los Angeles and San Francisco to Vancouver B.C., Canada. Their regular classes are offered through the Bellevue Ballet Arts Center, WAC, North Seattle Community College, Shoreline Community College, and Bellevue Community College. 

Leila Farid is one of the top performers in Egypt today. She can be seen nightly in the best nightclubs and Nile cruises in Cairo. Leila dances for the top Arabic weddings and parties in Egypt and throughout the Middle East, Turkey and Europe. Leila’s performances, both dancing and acting, on television and in the cinema have made her a recognizable personality throughout the Middle East. She has produced some of the best-loved albums of Egyptian dance music on the market as well as performance and teaching DVDs. Leila has taught dance workshops around the world and is the creator of “Camp Negum” ( a yearly Live Music dance event in Egypt that offers students the opportunity to work closely with Egyptian Musicians and superstar Egyptian teachers.
Ellensburg Community Dance African Jazz, blends together a number of dance styles, including Caribbean, African, South African Marabi, swing, and jazz dance. The style is rooted in traditional African dance and music, but incorporates technical elements such as turns, jumps, and partnered moves
ARPAN arts is a performing arts organization that is dedicated to promote Folk and Classical traditions of India.

This includes dance, music, folklore, traditions, and values.
It strives to bring together like minded artistes who value the traditions passed down through the ages unadulterated by the vagaries of the modern world. 

Joyce Paul is an  accomplished Bharatanatyam and Mohiniyattam dancer who believes that dance is a wonderful medium  that can transport you to a level of consciousness that is difficult to reach  otherwise. 
She works hard to  ensure that the essence of dance and its unseen ramifications are experienced by  her students and co-dancers. Her knowledge of Exercise Physiology and the human body in general give her classes a unique twist. Her basic knowledge of Ballet and Jazz help her work on competitive analysis between art forms and how the body reacts to different stress movements.

Fabiola Serra, dancer and director of TusuyPeru will teach you the techniques for her National Dance. Marinera Norteña.
While Fabiola was in veterinary school, she studied Peruvian dances, traditions, and original outfits, as an independent student in the “Escuela Nacional de Folklor, Jose Maria Arguedas” in Peru. 
She participated as a dancer in the Peruvian Dance Association, “Alma Peruana (Peruvian soul). During her vet– school days, she started teaching traditional dances to other veterinary students, that got rise to her own first Peruvian dance ensemble “Sentimiento Peruano” (Peruvian feelings). Shortly, Sentimiento Peruano became the Traditional Dance Ensemble of her whole University, including students from all different careers, such as, odontology school, law school, nursing school, accounting, and others.
Marinera Norteña is a couple’s dance. Started in the Coast of Peru, and now is danced internationally. Marinera is a graceful and romantic dance that uses handkerchiefs as props. The dance in an elegant and stylized reenactment of a courtship, and it shows a blend of different cultures of Peru. Come and join her at her workshop!

Panama Folklore is a non-profit organization that's mission is to promote, celebrate, and cultivate Panamanian traditions and customs in the Pacific Northwest. You can't miss this opportunity.